innVision ST

Next-Generation Load Analysis for Optimal Packaging Performance
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Precise Load Deformation Analysis with Advanced Imaging Technology


Unlock unparalleled insights into package performance with the Safeload innVision ST System, a state-of-the-art solution for dynamic load testing. Safeload’s system, engineered with a cutting-edge 2.3 MP high-speed camera and comprehensive analysis software, meticulously captures and analyzes unit load deformation, tilt dynamics, and rebound action.

Designed for precision with a remarkable 3mm accuracy range, this system is pivotal for rigorous laboratory testing conditions.


See the innVision ST in action below...

See the innovation

See the innVision ST in action

Streamlined Reporting for Enhanced Efficiency


Efficiency meets accuracy in Safeload’s innovative system. Say goodbye to the tediousness of manual assessment—the innVision ST reduces analysis time by a staggering 90%, swiftly delivering detailed reports that chronicle the deformation journey of your unit loads. These insightful reports are not just data; they serve as a roadmap to refining your packaging strategy.

The innVision ST Incudes:


  • Intelligent Software: Leverage the power of real-time analysis and enjoy the convenience of automated report generation, complete with vivid imagery and playback options.
  • Ultra-Fast 2.3 MP High-Speed Camera: Capture every moment and change with exceptional detail, ensuring no critical data slips by.
  • Sturdy Tripod: Guaranteeing stability and optimal positioning, the included tripod is the foundation for precise imaging.
Why choose one of Safeload's innVision systems for your testing requirements?

High-Speed Imaging Capabilities: Safeload’s cameras don’t just capture images; they unlock a sequential view into your load’s performance, allowing for meticulous frame-by-frame analysis and comprehensive visual summaries of the entire testing process.

High-Performance Software: Their advanced software instantaneously analyzes load deformations and generates conclusive reports, complete with multimedia elements, to illustrate the resilience and stability of your packaging through every phase of testing.

Trusted Results for Load Optimization: At the core of InnVision Systems lies a commitment to enhancing your unit load efficiency. These systems are indispensable tools for internal quality control, stability assessment, and adherence to leading industry standards, including EUMOS 40509, ensuring your packaging meets the highest benchmarks of excellence.

Learn more about Safeload's cross platform functionality.

The versatility of the innVision ST System extends its compatibility with an array of Safeload testing solutions, ensuring comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your packaging’s journey:

InnSlide Family: Embrace simulations that reflect real-world distribution dynamics to fortify your packaging against horizontal shifts, enhancing stability and safeguarding against potential load damage.

InnShock Family: Challenge your packaging against the rigors of horizontal shocks and compression forces to assess and improve load resistance.

InnDrop: Gain crucial insights on how vertical and rotational impacts could influence your packaging integrity and devise strategies to fortify your products against such stressors.

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