EA-PSI 10000 3U


The PSI 10000 series of DC laboratory power supplies by EA Elektro-Automatik transforms energy from your electrical grid into a highly efficient, regulated DC voltage, achieving an impressive efficiency of over 96%. This series features both single and three-phase units that accommodate nearly all global mains voltages, thanks to their wide input range. You can select from a broad spectrum of voltage and current options to suit specific needs—from 0-60 V up to 0-2000 V, and from 0-6 A to 0-1000 A—all within a single device. Each power supply operates with a flexible output that maintains constant power, adapting to a wide range of voltage and current settings. To accommodate higher power and current requirements, all units are designed with a master-slave bus system. This innovative feature allows up to 64 devices to be connected in parallel, forming a unified system that can deliver up to 1920 kW and 64000 A. For instance, you can easily build a 75-kW system by combining two 30 kW devices in a 4U configuration with one 15 kW device in a 3U setup from the PSI 10000 range, as long as the voltage class remains consistent. In addition to power versatility, the PSI 10000 series offers the functionality expected in a top-tier laboratory setting. It includes a comprehensive function generator, sophisticated alarm and warning systems, various optional industrial interfaces, cutting-edge software solutions, and many more advanced features, enhancing both usability and reliability.

Key Features







Input Voltage



CAN, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Profibus, ProfiNet, RS237



Arb Function Generator


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